The Redefined Life

Finding Space


That verse is so insightful! It’s the space within our lives that nurture and support us not the stuff. Whether we live in a stately mansion or a charming bungalow, the space within and around our homes affect us.  When our spaces get filled with random stuff it creates clutter. Clutter weighs us down, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Clutter ties us to past activities and unfinished projects; it creates mental fatigue and scatters our thoughts. Clearing clutter liberates us, making room for new possibilities and inspirations. After all, it is the open space on the desk that makes it useful, not the piles of paper.

Since our surroundings influence us, then how we arrange our possessions are vital to our existence. Bringing unity, rhythm, harmony, and open space into our rooms is where design and Feng Shui unite! And that’s where I can help transform houses into homes! But there’s more…..

What about finding space in our calendars? After all it’s the open slots, the unstructured time, which liberate us. Americans tend to be yang (action) oriented, focusing on “things” such as billable hours, tasks, meetings, the busyness that fills our days instead of making space for quietness, reflection, mental healing, and listening to our inner wisdom. Opening up our calendars is just as vital as opening up our rooms. Scheduling nothing brings yin (calm) qualities into our lives, restoring our balance, creating inner peace, allowing us to unwind and process our yang world, and nurturing our essence.

Too often our lives get so cluttered that we can’t breathe. By finding space every day, even if it’s only 15 minutes, our lives will open in ways we never thought possible. It may feel awkward at first, but you’ll soon own and cherish your open slots and love the renewed liberation!

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The Redefined Home
The Redefined Home