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Change Me, Change Me Not

I thought a blog for The Redefined Home would be a great a place for us to take a break from our harried day; a place for us to share helpful tips and some food for thought (some things to savor with our tea or whatever you drink while online); a place for good conversation that honors the beautiful people we are; a place where friends could gather!

After all we are all beautiful and we all probably want to bring more beauty into our life, which is why I really wanted to call this blog “The world of art, design, interiors and all things beautiful.” What a perfect title – it said it all! When I first read these words my eyes widen with excitement – this was exactly what The Redefined Home was about! I was elated. Then I realized I was reading these words not because I had just written them and wanted to admire them, but because someone else had already done so. Being a person that honors others cleverness, I decided to continue admiring them and move on.

After a brief pity party about not creating this beautiful phrase first, a friend suggested The Redefined Life. I thought, “How very nice… it’s short, sweet, elegant, and it’s exactly what we do every day.” That may sound a little cliché, but it’s very true, every day we choose to redefine our life or keep it the same. Choosing to redefine our life lets us bring more meaning and all things beautiful into it. Creating a blog community where we can redefine together just seems fun. So it was; The Redefined Life took life!

I hadn’t really thought of it as redefining my life, but that is exactly what I’ve been doing ever since I realized the Law of Attraction works 24/7 whether I’m aware or not. Realizing my thoughts attract my experiences helped me realize I needed to stop thinking about the difficulties in my day and focus on the awesome things in my day; then be grateful for every single one. Simply focusing on the beauty in my life simply brought my life more beauty. Interestingly, this simple change completely changed my outlook. This took me on a whole new journey. A journey I truly wanted to take. Looking back I’m so very grateful for how my life has been redefined. I absolutely love what has and is still unfolding. And the most beautiful thing about all of this is that anyone can do it!

It’s sort of like winning a lottery every day, except the odds of winning are better and the reward is 1,440 minutes instead of $1,440. Intentionally defining those minutes escalate the rewards. One thing though, this means things will change and change can be uncomfortable at times, causing doubt. Doubt can stop everything, immediately. But, if we really want to redefine our lives, then we have to stop doing what we’ve always done. Making new intentions permits the Law of Attraction to bring them to life. Then, trusting the changes are for the better allows the journey to bring rewards bigger than any lottery!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I haven’t had doubts as changes happen in my life. I have. I’ve even tried to take control. This didn’t usually work and usually made things much harder. It’s sort of funny that when we try to take control how difficult we can make our lives. But allowing the Law of Attraction to do its magic, things can work in ways never dreamed and can lead to things beyond our wildest expectations.

So I guess it all comes to whether we really want to redefine our life or not. It’s our choice …. to change or not to change. We’re all deserving of all things beautiful, so why settle for less?

As for me, I’m still a work in progress and every day amazes me. So tell me, have you ever had a beautiful dream that started to unfold and then doubts crept in making you really uncomfortable? If so, did your doubts stop your dream or did you allow it to unfold?

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The Redefined Home
The Redefined Home